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Zumba Certification Classes Review

Zumba is an exhilarating multiple persons exercise that entails dance moves like reggaeton, salsa and meringue, among others, causing Zumba to be an excellent substitute for the usual exercise classes.  As with other group workouts, you must be Zumba Certified to teach Zumba.  When you are Zumba Certified you can work as a self-sufficient teacher at any gym you desire.

Zumba Certification Classes include lessons on exercise dance step, instructions on correct exercise materials and information on how to begin and manage classes.  The webpage for Zumba Fitness offers a listing of Zumba Certification Classes at different costs based on when registration occurs: $225 is the cost if registration is completed in excess of two weeks before; $270 is if registration is done days before; and $285 if registration is done the day.

Zumba Certification Classes

Zumba Basic 1

Finish the Basic 1 Zumba Certification Classes to learn the required formula and basics to instruct a class for Zumba.  Get training in meringue, salsa, cumbia and reggaeton steps and receive the required skills to combine the steps for the classes you will teach.  There are no required prerequisites.  Once completed you will be Zumba Certified for one year.

Basic Zumba 2

Create flamenco, tango, belly dance and samba dance moves when you attend Basic 2 Zumba Certification Classes.  The program is centred on boosting your professional talents and advanced choreography movements.  When you become Zumba Certified from this course you will receive a basic Zumba license for one year.  You must be currently Zumba Certified from another Zumba Certification Classes in order to register for this workshop.

Jump Start Gold

Be Zumba Certified as a Jump Start Gold Zumba Instructor and teach energetic, mature adults Zumba classes.  Learn the psychology, anatomy and physiology necessary to deal with the needs of the age group.  You will get the skills to design classes for persons who are novices at fitness.  There are no prerequisites.  When you become Zumba Certified, you will get a basic Zumba license for one year as well as a Zumba Gold license.  The Zumba Certification Classes known as the Zumba Gold increases and supports the information and talents necessary to create safe and exciting classes for adults that are older but energetic.  You will also learn how to teach a Zumba workout that is seated.

Zumba Toning

The Zumba Certification Workshops focusing on Zumba Toning is a specialised class for Zumba Instructor Network members.  Learn to blend Zumba choreography and body-sculpting methods to get an efficient and safe strength training lesson.  Learn to utilize and train with Zumba Toning Sticks that are weighted maracas, and these assist in enhancing rhythm in the class and targets popular difficult areas like the upper arms.

Aqua Zumba

You have to be registered with the Zumba Instructor’s Network to join in the Zumba Certification Classes focused on Aqua Zumba.  It is also highly suggested that you have certification with the Aquatic Exercises Association.  These Zumba Certification Classes teach you to design a “pool party” type of workout for students of every age.  Get the techniques and skills to combine the Zumba philosophy and formula into challenging and safe aquatic routines.